Updated Articles

  1. Best Practices for Responding to Patient Reviews

    Get quick tips for responding to online patient ratings and comments, including how to handle negative feedback.
  2. Reviews on Your Provider Profile

    Learn how patients access and complete satisfaction surveys, so you can encourage them to share their experience and add ratings to your profile.
  3. How We Validate Patient Surveys

    Healthgrades sends all patient reviews through a comprehensive validation process before publicly posting to your provider profile. Learn more.
  4. Respond to Patient Reviews

    Learn how to add, edit and remove your response to Patient Satisfaction Surveys on your Healthgrades provider profile, as well as flag surveys for possible removal.
  5. Patient Satisfaction Surveys

    Your patients can leave ratings and reviews about their visit directly on your Healthgrades provider profile. Learn how it works and why this feedback is so valuable.
  6. Provider Profile: Top Care Area Rankings

    Based on our research, 90% of consumers identified a physician’s experience in performing procedures and treating conditions as one of the most important decision-making factors in choosing a provider.  Our Top Care Area rankings offer...
  7. Survey Reminder Cards

    Survey Reminder Cards are personalized cards you print and provide to patients after office visits. The cards prompt patients to complete Patient Satisfaction Surveys on Healthgrades.com and can serve as reminders of follow-up appointments. To pe...
  8. Provider Resources

  9. FAQs

    Answers to common questions about provider profiles, responding to surveys, and more.
  10. Provider Profile: Section-by-Section Details

    Use the following information to make informed decisions when completing your provider profile.  Best Practice: Keep These Sections Current Studies cite that patients and referring physicians consider the following information to be the most ...