Survey Reminder Cards
Internal Use Only

Survey Reminder Cards are personalized cards you print and provide to patients after office visits. The cards prompt patients to complete Patient Satisfaction Surveys on and can serve as reminders of follow-up appointments.

To personalize the cards, we designed them to automatically print the following items:

  • The provider photo you have uploaded in your provider profile
  • A custom URL (the same URL as your Patient Satisfaction Review Link) the patient can enter in a web browser to open your Patient Satisfaction Survey directly
  • The name of your primary practice as specified in your provider profile

You have two size options for printing the cards: small (3.5" x 2") and large (5.5" x 4.25"). 

Prepare to Print

To prepare to print, complete the following tasks.  

Update Your Provider Profile

In your provider profile, you should:

  • Review/edit your primary practice information for accuracy. Learn more.
  • Upload your photo if you have not already done so. Learn more.

If you make updates, you need to allow 24 hours for Healthgrades to post those updates to the database so the Survey Reminder Cards are accurate when you print them.

Hints for Printing

For best results, print the cards to a color printer AND use one of the following perforated Avery templates: 

Print the Cards

Before you begin these steps, do the following: 1) review your provider profile to verify any recent updates are reflected and 2) set up your printer with the appropriate Avery template paper.

  1. Go to the Healthgrades Physician Portal sign-in page to sign in to your provider profile.
  2. Choose the star icon to open Patient Experience, then choose Resources.
  3. In the Printable Patient Satisfaction Cards section, choose Print Cards.
  4. On the page that displays, review the helpful hints.
  5. Choose Small Cards or Large Cards. Note: When you choose a card size, the displayed card image reflects the look and feel of the printed card.  
  6. Choose Download PDF to Print to open a PDF of the cards. 
  7. Print the PDF to a color printer. In the printer options, choose the appropriate Avery template and margins:
    • Small cards. Use Avery Template #5371. Set right and left margins at 0.75" and top and bottom margins at 0.5".
    • Large cards. Use Avery Template #3380 with no margins.

Occasionally, the printable survey cards do not display correctly in the downloaded PDF file. A hard refresh in your web browser may fix the display issue -- search online to find the current method to perform a hard refresh in your preferred web browser.

If you have issues printing the cards, contact Healthgrades customer service.

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