Submit a Survey: The Patient Workflow
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Use the following topics to understand Patient Satisfaction Surveys from the patient perspective so you can confidently encourage your patients to submit a survey and to inform your approach in responding to submitted surveys. Learn how to respond to feedback submitted by patients.

Patient Feedback Options

The Patient Satisfaction Survey offers both survey questions and free-text review as options for feedback.

Survey Questions

The survey questions prompt a patient to choose up to five stars for eight different questions and to indicate wait time in minutes for one question. The questions are standard for all providers. 

They prompt the patient to rate her experience with:

  • You as the provider. This includes likelihood to recommend you to others, how well you explained medical conditions, how well you listened and answered questions, etc.
  • Your office and staff. This includes ease of scheduling urgent appointments, office environment, total wait time, etc.

Only a rating for the Likelihood to recommend this provider to family and friends question is required in order for the patient to submit the survey response.

Free-Text Review

The free-text review portion prompts a patient to provide feedback about her experience with you as the provider. A patient can enter free-text up to 500 characters. The free-text review portion is not required in order for the patient to submit the survey response.

Additional Information

We request some additional information (e.g., name, gender, age range, etc.) from the patient to inform future Healthgrades product decisions. The additional information is not required and is never linked directly to a patient name.

Patient Survey Confirmation and Validation

Before Healthgrades publicly posts surveys, we take the following steps to confirm and validate surveys in order to prevent patient survey fraud:

  • Validate surveys via a confirmation process.
  • Send surveys through a series of validation steps, including monitoring details about the submission.
  • Review free-text comments against our business and privacy rules to ensure they do not violate our user-supplied content policies.

Additionally, we use proactive and reactive measures on a daily basis to investigate any questionable activity.

Terms and Conditions

By the act of submitting the form, the patient agrees to the following statements. These statements display on the survey form itself.

  • The patient agrees to the terms and conditions of the Healthgrades User Agreement , Editorial Policy, and Privacy Policy
  • The patient certifies he/she or a family member has had contact with the practice that is the subject of the survey.
  • The patient confirms that he/she does not work for, is not in competition with, and is not related to the provider who is the subject of the survey.
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