Provider Profile: Add Practices and Locations

Use the Practice & Locations section to list and describe the practices where you actively see patients. For a given practice, you can also list multiple locations (practice addresses).  

Add a Practice

  1. In the Practice & Locations section, choose the Add practice details field.
  2. In the Practice Name field, enter free-text to search for the practice name. If you find the practice in the list of potential matches, select it. If the practice name is not available in the list, skip select from the list and enter the practice name as you know it.  
  3. In the Practice Website field, enter the practice's official website.
  4. In the Practice Description field, enter up to 1,000 characters of free-text.
  5. Choose Save.

Add a Location (Practice Address)

  1. In the Practice & Locations section, choose the Add office location field. 
  2. If you are adding your primary practice location, choose the This is my primary office check box.
  3. Enter the office details (location name, address, phone, office hours, etc.). 
  4. Choose Save. 
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