Provider Profile

Your provider profile displayed on allows you to share information about yourself and your practice with consumers searching for a provider. You can add a personal touch to your provider profile by editing and expanding upon the information displayed in your provider profile.

To build your profile, Healthgrades obtains information from hundreds of government and commercial data sources. We then apply data management best practices to surface the most trustworthy information for display in your Healthgrades provider profile. When our data sources make updates available to us, Healthgrades typically updates the relevant data in your physician profile within one to three months. 

The best information, however, comes from you and your practice. If you keep your information current and accurate, we do not overwrite profile information with data from our other sources.

Learn more about editing your provider profile.

Misrepresenting yourself as a physician violates federal statutes and laws in all 50 states. Only a physician or an authorized representative of a physician are allowed to manage a provider's profile on Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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