Reviews on Your Provider Profile
Internal Use Only

Take a few minutes to review Patient Satisfaction Surveys from the patient perspective, so you can confidently encourage them to share their feedback and to inform your approach in responding to submitted surveys.

Starting the Survey

First, a patient is prompted to leave a review in the Ratings section of your provider profile, asking them to choose up to 5 stars on how likely they are to recommend you.  

Free-Text Review

After the patient selects their rating, the survey window opens, where they can enter up to 1000 characters in a free-text box to share their experience. This section is not required to submit the survey.

The patient is required to provide their email address, if they don’t have a Healthgrades account or are not logged in, and have the option to include a Display Name, which appears above their review.
They must also agree to the Healthgrades User Agreement, Editorial Policy, and Privacy Policy, and verify that they or a family member have received care from you.

Additional Feedback

After submitting their free-text review, the patient has the option to provide more details about their visit:

Review Approval

The patient clicks the Submit Survey button and receives confirmation that their review has been added to their account. Healthgrades then begins our survey validation process before publicly posting the review to

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