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How do I register for a Healthgrades account?

Go to the Healthgrades account registration page . If you are a provider, enter your name OR if you work on behalf of a provider (e.g., you work for a provider’s practice), enter the name of the provider you represent. Complete the remaining fields and choose Register Now. Learn more about registering for a Healthgrades account.

I forgot the password for my Healthgrades account. How do I reset it?

Go to the Healthgrades Physician Portal sign-in page and choose Forgot Password. Learn more.

I forgot the username/email address for my Healthgrades account. What do I do?

If you have forgotten the username/email address for your Healthgrades account, contact Healthgrades customer service.

How do I change my current password?

Go to the Healthgrades Physician Portal sign-in page and sign in using your current Healthgrades account username/email address and password. Choose Settings in the menu. Under the Password section, change your current password. Learn more.

How can I remove my provider profile from displaying on Healthgrades.com?

Healthgrades provides information on healthcare providers as a free service to consumers, patients and other healthcare professionals. In its provision of this service, Healthgrades aggregates information related to provider practices from publicly available sources. If you are a practicing provider and the published information regarding you or your practice is publicly available and of interest to the general public, Healthgrades’ policies prohibit complete removal of this information from Healthgrades.com.

How do I contact Healthgrades customer service?

You can contact Healthgrades customer service via Live Chat when it is available or submit our Contact Us form at any time. 

Can I become authorized to update the profile for more than one provider?

Yes, contact Healthgrades customer service to become an authorized representative for more than one provider.

How do I remove a provider from my roster of providers? 

You can contact Healthgrades customer service to request removal of a provider from your list of providers. If you can, provide a forwarding practice/office for the provider and any additional information, such as the provider is on sabbatical, leave of absence, international work, etc.

How long before updates to my provider profile display to consumers on the Healthgrades portal?

Assuming you or your authorized representative do not need to wait for identity verification, we post most updates within 24 hours after you or your authorized representative make changes to your Healthgrades provider profile. Updates you make to free-text fields, such as Care Philosophy, require our review for compliance with our Editorial Policy. You can expect your profile to reflect updates to free-text fields within three business days.

What information is the most important to keep current in my provider profile?

Studies cite that patients and referring physicians consider the following information to be the most important for evaluating, choosing or referring a provider: photo; insurance carriers and plans accepted; care philosophy; patient satisfaction (ratings and reviews); provider responses to patient reviews; conditions treated; and procedures performed. Learn more about adding/updating this information in your provider profile.

How do I notify Healthgrades of a provider who is no longer practicing, retired, or is deceased?

You can contact Healthgrades customer service for assistance.

Why are there duplicate locations in my physician profile? How can I remove the duplicate?

Since Healthgrades gathers information from numerous data sources, we may receive multiple versions of a provider’s address. While we make every effort to avoid duplicates, we don’t always have enough information to choose the appropriate location to show on your profile so both locations display. To remove the duplicate, sign in to your Healthgrades account and edit the Practices & Locations section of your profile.

How does Healthgrades determine the procedures, conditions, and insurance carriers to make available for selection in a provider profile

Healthgrades uses government and commercial data sources to determine the options to display for selection in the respective Procedures Performed, Conditions Treated, and Insurance sections of the provider profile.

We provide a list of the top 20 procedures, conditions, or insurance carriers OR or you can perform a free-text search to find one. Learn more.

What if Healthgrades’ list is missing a procedure, condition, or insurance carrier that I would like to add to my provider profile?

You can contact Healthgrades customer service if you feel we need to adjust our list.

Why are you collecting my date of birth?

Healthgrades only uses your date of birth to calculate your age. We never display your date of birth in your provider profile.

How do I upload a video to my profile?

You can contact Healthgrades customer service for assistance.

How can I improve my overall survey score after receiving an unsatisfactory survey from a patient?

The best strategy to improve your overall survey score is to encourage more of your patients to complete Patient Satisfaction Surveys. The more patient surveys you have, the less impact a few unsatisfactory scores have on your overall survey score. Use our Patient Engagement Resources to help you encourage patients to complete surveys.

Can I post a response to patient surveys?

Yes. You can respond to every patient who completed a Patient Satisfaction Survey. Learn how.  If you are unsure what your approach should be in responding to surveys, check out the Best Practices: Responding to Surveys article and watch the The First Amendment and Patient Reviews video.

What does Healthgrades do to prevent patient survey fraud?

Healthgrades validates every survey via a confirmation process. We also send surveys through a series of validation steps, including monitoring details about the submission. Prior to posting free-text comments, we review the comments against our business and privacy rules to ensure they do not violate our user-supplied content policies. Additionally, we use proactive and reactive measures on a daily basis to investigate any questionable activity. If you think someone has falsified a survey about you or your staff, contact Healthgrades customer service.

What are Survey Reminder Cards?

Survey Reminder Cards are personalized cards you print and provide to patients after office visits. The cards prompt patients to complete Patient Satisfaction Surveys on Healthgrades.com and can serve as reminders of follow-up appointments. Learn how to print these cards.

How can I add my photo so that it displays on my provider profile and on my Survey Reminder Cards?

You upload your photo in the Basic Information section of your provider profile. Learn how to do this step-by-step.

I just updated my practice information. Why is it not showing up correctly on my Survey Reminder Cards?

If you make updates to your provider profile, you need to allow 24 hours for Healthgrades to post those updates to the database so the Survey Reminder Cards are accurate when you print them.

What is the Patient Satisfaction Review Link?

The Patient Satisfaction Review Link is a custom, mobile-friendly link you can copy and paste into digital communications (e.g., email) with your patients. The link sends patients directly to your Patient Satisfaction Survey on Healthgrades.com. Use it to engage your patients with post-appointment emails and include this link to invite them to complete a survey. Learn how to do this step-by-step.

Can I post my Healthgrades Star Rating on my practice website?

Yes. Healthgrades offers easy access to the custom HTML code that lets you place the Star Rating Badge online where you need it. Learn how to do this step-by-step.

Can I customize the Star Rating Badge?

No. You can select from the three layout options, but the badge itself cannot be customized for color, font or logo selection.

Can I integrate the Patient Satisfaction Survey itself into my practice website?

Yes. You can contact Healthgrades customer service for assistance with this option.

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